The natural hair movement speaks confidence and acceptance of natural and healthy beauty. In the past few years the natural hair movement has increased drastically all across America. It's been like a self-discovery/revolution. But we all know how natural hair has taken a toll in the work industry and in American history. The transition to this movement demonstrates a level of self-acceptance while representing a powerful evolution in black political expression. 

While its great and all that our products that are designed for our hair types are now being released in the market, it is being sold by multitudes who can't give you an answer to a question that you may have. Who can relate to a time you've been in a beauty supply store and had to sit and google a product before purchasing ??? We'll wait..... exactly. It's a-shame that we go to outsiders who does not recollect any knowledge on what works best for our hair type. At the same time why should they ? It's for their benefit anyways; yes they are entitled to know information on products they are selling but why would they if they know we would buy regardless. 

However, we came to STIR THE GAME UP. If you haven't heard of us yet don't miss out any longer! Natural Overload By K is an affordable black- owned online beauty supply store changing the industry's standard of what beautiful hair is. YES, you read that correctly we are online and we sure DO offer sales. 
Have you ever been to a local beauty supply store and was offered a sale or promotion on these expensive products? 
I didn't think so. Treat your hair without breaking your pockets, your hair deserves it.... you deserve it. Move at the speed of natural! 

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  1. We neeed this ❤️���� So glad I don’t have to search high & low for some affordable natural products , subscribing now ❤️


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